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DAILY SHOUT OUT GOES 2 @SAWARDEGA Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)




prod. by deezy beats…beat is not done yet if you like the way it is hit me up…thanks

DAILY SHOUT OUT GOES 2 @THEDERPS Download for free here :
Lyrics/歌詞 :

(Watashi wa chōdo nani ga jūyō ka mitsukeyou to shite iru.)



DAILY SHOUT OUT GOES 2 @JAIMEJROSS *************************************
Close your Eyes

Music and Production: (music that touches)
Vocals and lyrics: Jaime J Ross


I heard a piece of music that Michael (music that touches) uploaded on hearthis called “eternity”…you can listen to it here: ( …it was such a beautifully sad piece of music. It deeply touched me. I asked Michael if he would mind if I put some vocals/lyrics on it. These are the words that found me…

Close your Eyes

Close your eyes
It’s time for you to go
Close your eyes

I sing the words you sang to me
Time to sleep
Soul to keep

And when…the bough breaks
An angel will be there you will not fall

Looking back I know you’ll see us all

Do not fear
I am here
I will stay
Come what may

Until we meet again..


DAILY SHOUT OUT GOES 2 @DJRUBBERMAN One year has passed since I finalised the work on this EP and it is the music that I have spent most time working on with its enormous complexity. Leviathan is as much a journey deep down under the surface of the sea as it is a deep dive in my perspective of fusion music. I spent lots of time creating my own instruments for this album and the result is a potpourri of constant changing rhythmics ranging from ambient to psychedelic, from analog synthesisers to orchestral, building a story about an adventurous journey with a vessel far below the ocean:

The Awakening
I imagined this musical adventure as in a huge submarine and in my imagination its heavy machinery takes the shape of something like an old locomotive which slowly comes to life to boost its steam up for the journey. Its almost like its turning into an organic monster as its starts roaring and sweating engine oil.

The Descent
The second part is made as something peaceful and majestic as if the crew is watching a beautiful scenery as they slowly descend into the darkness. I always have been influenced by Vangelis and I think you can clearly hear this here. If you happen to know Mikis Theodorakis (another great Greek composer), you will hear some influences from him as well.
As the ship descends into the abyss, the hull pressure intensifies more and more. To represent this “pressure’, I created bursts of low frequency electronic sounds.

The Search
Next part is where the real adventure takes off and the exploration gets started. We are thrusting forward over the landscape to begin the search for something not yet seen.

To turn this into a successful dive and adventure, the crew of course must discover something so the shades of the music changes to a more mysterious tone for the final part.

I know this is quite a mouthful piece of music to plunge through but for you who take this ride with me, I hope that you will enjoy it and for you who took the ride a year ago, I am forever thankful for your great feedback :)

This EP was previously uploaded under the title “Introspective”.