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Hello Music Friends

With a lot of pleasure I love to share this new collab song
composed by my music friend Da Ruffest Project with you

Hope you like what we have create together..



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Lustre Kings Productions is excited to announce the “Junction Riddim”, produced by the Zion I Kings. This unique riddim boasts a wide-variety of diverse artists from current to veteran talent, while geographically employing Jamaica, US Virgin Islands, Europe and the USA. The composition is exclusive with the use of live instrumentation interspersed with elements of digital programing, dubstep basslines and hip hop production. Performed live in Jamaica at Tuff Gong Recording studio by the Zion I Kings utilizing the drumming from legendary Roots Radics member, Lincoln “Style” Scott. Zion I Kings is a production trio that has been particularly prolific over the last few years, formed from three notable reggae label heads and audio engineers; Zion High Productions, David Goldfine (bass), I Grade Records, Laurent “Tippy” Alfred (keyboards) and Lustre Kings Productions, Andrew “Moon” Bain (guitar).

The first single on the riddim, “For the Children” a combination with LK feature artist, Jahdan Blakkamoore, teamed with rising star, Kabaka Pyramid, was released last spring to great response worldwide. Some intriguing additions to the riddim are present on the full release; the legendary “Dancehall Don-Dada”, Johnny Osbourne among them! It is rare to see Johnny appear on a new release or any riddim compilation and he delivers his classic reggae styling on “We Steppin’”. Another notable combination is crafted by the brilliant Angela Hunte (Jay-Z, Major Lazer) and Holland’s talented Ziggi Recado on “Crazy is as Crazy Does”. Par for the course from Lustre Kings, the mighty Lutan Fyah comes in strong with his Rastafarian anthem “Up in the Hills” urging his community to depart the ways of Babylon and live a more natural existence. Two other names that bring a fresh energy to the riddim are up and comers, Hempress Sativa on “Still Surviving” and Bobby Hustle on “Chatty Mouth”, both making great use of the track. Other noteworthy names that appear are Pressure Busspipe, Midnite. Lloyd Brown and the ever-articulate Mr. Perfect Giddimani.

For almost two decades, Lustre Kings Productions has become synonymous with modern roots reggae music and fostering burgeoning talent. This independent label has carved a name out for itself grounded in conscious dancehall and reggae music. The “Junction Riddim” delivers on all points, once again pushing the envelope of the genre, introducing fresh faces amongst familiar ones while remaining rooted in live musicianship and forward thinking production that resounds thoughtful, creative and evocative messages.

If You Want Me (Glen Hasgard Cover)
Vocals and Acoustic Guitar - Squidger
Vocals - Jaime J Ross

about a week ago, Simon shared a song with me that he thought I may be able to do. I listened to was/is a beautiful song!! So i listened over and over and convinced myself that I would try it.

The original song is a female lead with male vocals on the chorus. That is what I was expecting to do. But Squidger (Simon) had different ideas…lol. He sent me this acoustic track tonight..with his vocals singing all the way through. Well, I loved his vocals on this…he said “just go with it”…so, I did.

This is the result…a one take performance, once again…just “in the moment”….

I try really, really hard to not be so “tightly wound” and to let my “voice” out…this, I think, is a good first step for me…I do hope you enjoy it :)

The original song was written and performed by Marketa Irglova and Glen Hasard (and was featured in the movie Once)

you can listen to the original here:

DAILY SHOUT OUT GOES 2 @THREEEYEZ I didn’t get a chance to finish this one, but I figured I would post it anyway for the time being.